What kind of an Employee will you hire?
08-10-2010 16:15
10,000 attend European Job Days in the Commission headquarters
      This year emphasis was placed on offering in one place the opportunity for each visitor not only to meet recruiters but also to receive guidance advice. Similar events are taking place in September and October around the EU. Jobseekers and employers have the possibility to meet and interact at over 500 diverse events, ranging from recruitment fairs to seminars and lectures on job mobility.
      The Brussels Job Day provided actual access to over 950,000 job vacancies in the EURES-online corner, and direct interaction with more than 50 European Employment Service advisors from 21 countries that enabled the participants to access and discuss specific job offers from 27 companies across Europe and to learn more about mobility, including providing advice to job seekers and potential job changers on working and living conditions.
      The EU recruitment portal received a record number of more than 5 million visitors this summer. On top of its vacancies, the portal currently contains more than, 450 000 CVs and 22 000 registered employers.
52% of candidates who pre-registered for the Brussels event were women and the majority were people without work looking for a job (63%). A further 28% are already working, while 9% were students. They are young (21% under 25 and 49% aged 25-34).
      The participants are also highly educated: 57% possess a University or Master's degree and 19% a Bachelor degree. In terms of mobility trends, 45% of the participants are looking for a job in Europe and 16% were attracted to the event by the prospect of acquiring information on mobility.
Job Days events are continuing in some cities for a further couple of weeks.
Source: www.ec.europa.eu
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