What kind of an Employee will you hire?
Milado Tours - Bulgaria
MILADO TOURS is a Bulgarian tour operator company that aims to reveal the beauty of Bulgaria to foreign tourists. Our major goal is to achieve THE BEST FOR OUR CUSTOMERS – to make you experience precious moments that will always bring happy memories.
Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management is located in Dubai, the fastest growing tourism destination in the world. For industry exposure during studies and job opportunities afterward, the Academy’s locale is unsurpassed. It is also an exciting and dynamic place to live, with sun, sand, international sports and cultural events, and great shopping. Our students fully enjoy both the professional and personal opportunities afforded by this vibrant city.
SECOCO - SouthEast Connect Consult e.K
The main office of the company secoco is situated in the north German trading and harbour city Bremen. They have an office in the centre of Belgrade and employees in all countries in Southeast Europe. SECOCO are familiar with the specifications of the highly dynamic economic market in Southeast Europe. They personally know managers and politicians from the economic sphere of the region. The Company dispose of an excellent network of reliable employees in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia.
Programs under Н2В and Н1В visas. Professional development in the field of hospitality. Legal employment.